RTC is proud to present our next production at the Arctic Playhouse.

Thursday and Friday
August 11-12

Radioactive Theatre Company Presents a night of...
5 Comedies
4 Crazy Directors
3 Weeks of Rehearsal (Wait, what?!)
2 Insane Writers
1 "Summer Blockbuster" themed show of Politics and Superheroes

by Shannon McLoud & Stephen Nani
Click the ticket to purchase your tickets now! Limited 2 day engagement, don't miss out!!!!!
Origin Story: Stanley's House of Comics
Dynamic Duo
The Final Adventure of Caped Avenger and Supersonic
Fabulous Diva and Exceptional Egos (Dolphin Man Rebooted)
Super Tuesday
Join RTC this summer as we present our version of Flash Fiction. (Leave the trench coat at home!) Five quick, funny, and dare we say SUPER shows in one night! Each show revolves around the same theme; superheroes! From being on the outside, from dealing with public perception, to running a campaign, it's all covered in one night!.